Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super El Diablo

Ok, some back story on this one: First, Brother 1 wanted to trade cars with me this semester 'cause he had a crazy psycho trying to attack him. Second, all our family cars have names:
Brother 1's red truck: El Diablo
Dad's green truck: The Green Monster
Mom's black van: Black Sable.

Me: You should be really happy I didn't want to pay twice as much money for gas.

Brother 1: Why?

Me: 'Cause then I would have switched cars with you, and El Diablo would have been melted to the driveway instead of my Honda.

Brother 1: Nah... El Diablo would have saved the day. He would have smelled smoke, opened the garage door, pulled The Green Monster to safety, and put out Black Sable. If you had traded cars with me, the house would be perfectly fine.

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