Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bubble Bath

Dad: I really like your shampoo.

Me: Is that why I'm almost out??

Dad: Yep. I'm going to start using your body wash too.

Mom: You should try the lavender body wash in there.

Me: Uh... the lavender stuff is bubble bath.

Mom: No! I've been using that for the last month!

Me: I was wondering why it was in the shower and not the bath.

She went and checked the label, it was bubble bath.


Jen said...

This is a classic!

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? They could label it as one, the other, or both. Or as hand soap, shampoo, or dish soap. It wasn't long ago that products didn't have such specialized labeling, and were sold as all-purpose. You're like, OMG, we've been using the salad forks for meat!