Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Giant Penis

We're all sitting around our gigantic sand hole, resting, when I look over at Brother 1 sitting in the sand. He has a giant sand penis coming out of the leg of his swim trunks. It reaches past his knees.

Brother 1: Whoa, that was getting claustrophobic, I'm glad I got all the sand off.


Candi said...


How long did Izzack stick around for?

Vanessa said...

about 15 minutes, then he became a traitor by digging with our competition.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

It might be better that the 9 year old missed the giant sand penis. But this has great potential for a hysterical porn spin-off. "Getting The Sand Off" indeed.

Candi said...

But he did catch a "cuuuuuuunt" - so funny.