Thursday, August 03, 2006

Arm Surgery

Brother 1: You know how people with growth disorders get surgery, where they break their arms and legs to make them longer? Do you think we could find a doctor that could do that to me?

Me: Probably, if you pay him enough. Why?

Brother 1: 'Cause wouldn't it be awesome if my arms were really long? Then I'd be able to scratch my knees while I was standing up. And put sunscreen on the middle of my back.

Me: Ok.

Brother 1: Or, I could cut off my left arm, I don't use it that much anyway, and transplant it onto my right arm, so it would be twice as long.

Me: And you could just fold it up along your joints when you didn't need it.

Brother 1: Exactly.

1 comment:

Alexa said...

Holy shit I just read your whole blog up until this point and I'm nauseous from laughing so much. This one pushed me over the edge and I had to comment and tell you.