Thursday, August 28, 2008


Mom: I got Rudy to eat out of my hand!!

Me: Your training worked?

Mom: Yeah, but only once, we're going to have to work with him a little more to get him to come up to the top and eat.

Yep, Mom's training her goldfish. She must really miss Buddy.


John said...

What happened to Buddy??

Vanessa said...

We had to put him to sleep :( He was 13, and old, and couldn't get up anymore. It's really quiet at my house now. By the way, when are you and Nicole coming to visit?

John said...

When I have more money?

I honestly do want to come up, but it might have to wait until the new year when I have more vacation days. I went home the other week, and am using the rest for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I'm sorry about Buddy. Are you planning on getting a new pup anytime?