Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summary of the Weekend

Brother 1 and Cousin J


SinisterPurpose said...

These two intrepid souls survived naked in the wilderness for 2 months. Sadly, they were forced to shave and burn their body hair.

Let's hope these "wild men" are able to once again acclimate themselves to the manners of polite society.

God Bless you naked wilderness dudes! And God Bless America!

John said...

I am so upset I did not know abouot this poll. I would have voted.

So, I vote now. Favorite family member? You.


nicole said...

You couldn’t vote for Vanessa, which is weird since she puts in all the work for this blog, so stop sucking up for no reason. But, you could have voted for her mom, which is what I did. Because Vanessa's mom is awesome.

Vanessa said...

Nicole, my mom says to come visit her. John, sucking up to me gets you nowhere, sucking up to my mom gets you invites to Chicago. Invites that include homemade cake. I still love you though, thanks for the vote :)

John said...

There is no sucking up involved. I just know Vanessa much better than her family. So, henceforth, I enjoy her more.

This can be changed with an invite to Chicago and Vanessa's Mom's cake. Obvi.

Slash Nicole is a trouble maker. Reason 722 I won't ever live with her.

Vanessa said...

Reason 653 Nicole won't ever live with John: He spends 86% of his time indoors naked.

nicole said...

Haha, that's a good one to add to my list. Maybe I will sit down and write this out.

No ... John isn't worth it.

Also, I didn't realize homemade cake was involved. I may need to figure out when I can get up there much sooner than I planned.

John said...

Realize that now is the time I stop being internet friends with all of you.

I hope you realize, Mrs. Vanessa's Mom, the type of person you're feeding your yummy cake to.

A hurtful one. Be careful or she might stab you with your words. Then your daughter will write about it and have a poll and I'll try to be nice again and get made fun of.

Watch out, Mrs. Vanessa's Mom. Watch out.

nicole said...

Wow, that's not melodramatic at all.