Thursday, July 19, 2007


Brother 2 has this crazy metabolism, where he can eat anything he wants and not gain a pound.

Brother 1: I'm going to spend all my money on making you fat.

Brother 2: I'll never be fat, I don't eat condiments.

Me: What?

Brother 2: I don't eat condiments, that's what makes you fat.

Me: Eating ketchup and mustard makes you fat?!?

Brother 2: Yeah, that's why I don't eat them.


nicole said...

I might just agree with Brother 2. My cousin is 11 years old and probably weighs as much as me. He's got manboobs. At 11. It's ridiculous. He LOVES ketchup. He literally eats ketchup sandwiches. And when he gets fries, he eats them like the fries are the just a utensil to scoop up ketchup. It's disgusting. So yeah. Brother 2 may be right.

SinisterPurpose said...

The reason I voted for brother 1 in the poll is moments just like this one. He's always got a plan. He's like a mad scientist. He's a doer.