Saturday, June 16, 2007

Family Adventures

Cousin J, Cousin S, and Cousin K slept over last night after a night of drinking and hot tubbing (Mom and Dad were in Vegas). We all woke up at about 10 AM. I wanted to take a shower, but the pilot light on the hot water heater was out, so I had to relight it, and decided that I'd wait until after dropping Brother 2 off at work.

We decided we needed McDonald's breakfast, so we all piled into Black Sable (Mom's 1994 full size van). We all got egg McMuffin's and drove towards Brother 2's work. On the way, the accelerator pedal stopped working. The van started making crunching and sparking noises, and the power steering went out. We pulled into an abandoned diner parking lot, and Brother 1 drove in circles until the car started working again. We pulled out into the street, and halfway out, the van died. We all jumped out and pushed it back into the parking lot. (read: 99 degrees outside, all of us in our pajamas). We call every single person we know in the area, no one is home to come pick us up. Uncle S is sympathetic, but he just walked into a restaurant for breakfast, so of course he can't come rescue us.

Triple A comes finally, after Brother 2 has walked half a mile to work, taking Brother 1 and the van to the auto repair shop. The cousin's and I are still sitting in an empty parking lot. Triple A drops off Brother 1, and nicely, Brother 1 asks if he can have a ride home. Triple A guy's response? "No."

So Brother 1 walks a half mile home, gets my car, and comes to get us. We finally arrive home at 12:30 (I was supposed to leave for work at 12:30... I'm still in pajamas). I jump into the shower for .5 seconds, get dressed as quickly as possible, and pack for a day of standing in the sun holding reflectors. I run outside, and my car is missing.

I run back inside, freaking out, and no one is home. I steal Brother 1's truck, and drive as fast as possible to work. (I made it on time!) I found out later that Brother 1 and Cousin J had taken my car to go get water balloons.

Overall, an entertaining day.


Malcolm said...

We have been reading your blog for a long time, but have not commented. Now, with your current car trouble, we can finally relate to you 100%. Bravo...expect big things for this blog. You've found your voice and your format. Keep it make us laugh and laugh.

phsymom said...

sounds like one of MY days.