Thursday, May 24, 2007


A few weeks ago, at school, Brother 1 got really drunk at a party a few miles a way from his apartment. He couldn't drive home, and didn't want a ride, since he gets really car sick when he's drunk, so he decided to walk. About twenty minutes into his walk, he happens upon a Burger King. He walks through the drive through and attempts to order a double quarter pounder. They won't sell it to him, since he is not in a car, so he convinces the employee that she should be nice and just give him the burger. Suprisingly, she agrees. Brother 1 is happy. He keeps walking, but now he has another problem. He needs to poop. Unlike a sober person, who would find an open store and ask to use their restroom, he finds a bush in some nice family's front yard, and poops in it. The entire walk takes an hour. The drive would have taken 5 minutes. Was free Burger King and pooping in a front yard worth it? Brother 1 says yes.

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