Thursday, February 22, 2007

Commercial Ideas

Since only one of Dad's eyes has been fixed, he can't wear his normal glasses anymore. But, since metal chips fly out of machines at work, he has to wear his safety glasses at all times. Yesterday, he was talking about creating a trend, and making safety glasses a fashion item. Today, he had commercial ideas.

Dad: I love my safety glasses. They make me look so cool. All my fraternity brothers are wearing them too.

I even wear them at night, just in case a pack of raccoons tries to scratch out my eyes.

And I always wear them in the shower, just in case needles start coming out of the shower head.

And they're especially important to wear on ladders. They protect you from low flying birds and bats. You don't want bat saliva to get in your eye and infect you with rabies.

1 comment:

nicole said...

Ahh! Birds! I think I'll need to purchase a pair of safety glasses from your father.