Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Brother 2 jumps on top of me.

Me: Get off!

Brother 2: What? Are you uncomfortable??

Me: Yes, you have your knee digging into my toe that has metal pins in it. Yes, that's uncomfortable.

Brother 2: Just wait, tonight, I'm going to get a huge sheet, with those pull ties on it, and put it on your bed. Then, when you're asleep, I'm going to close it up, with you and your blankets inside. You'll see what uncomfortable is when I drag you down the hallway.

Me: Ok.

Brother 2: Then, I'm going to drag you outside in the freezing cold and dump cold water on you. No, wait, make it warm water, so you're comfortable for a couple seconds, then, you'll turn into an ice cube.


SinisterPurpose said...

Is it stupid? Or just Brilliant and Insane? High Five.

Vanessa said...

I'm kinda afraid to go to sleep at night, he was completely serious about all his ideas.

SinisterPurpose said...

There's always a good deal of wiggle room between brilliant and mad ideas and their execution. Just lock your door. And put a chair up against the knob. Like in the movies. Sleep tight!