Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bathroom Fun

This post is in honor of John, as he likes poop. (Remember to vote for both of us in the Bloggies!)

Brother 2 comes running up to the bathroom door.

Brother 2: When are you going to be done??? I really need to poop!!!

Me: Ha! That's what I'm doing too!

Brother 2: Girls don't poop. Dad's taking a shower in the other bathroom! Come on!!

I could hear him dancing around in the hallway. He runs down the hall.

Brother 2: Dad! Get out of the shower! I need to poop.

Dad: Use the other bathroom!

Brother 2: Vanessa's in there!

Dad gets out of the shower, 'cause he too can hear Brother 2 dancing around.

Dad: Wow, this is fun! It's a Craptacular Extraveganza!! Everyone in the house is pooping at the exact same time!!!

1 comment:

John said...

The only thing I enjoy more than pooping is pooping with a friend.

I am telling you all now that if you have ever been on the phone with me, even just one time, then I could very well have been pooping.

The other week I even showered while talking to Vanessa. She helped me through a difficult time in there when I found out there was a spider in the tub with me. Thanks for that, Vanessa :)