Sunday, August 06, 2006

Brad Pitt

I was telling my brother about John's experience at work the other day. (Ask him about it, it's a funny story)

Brother 1: If I ever meet anyone famous, I'm going to act like I have no clue who they are. Like if I ran into Brad Pitt, our conversation would go like this:

B1: Hi! So you say you're an actor? Have you done anything I would have seen?

Brad Pitt: Troy.

B1: Oh, I didn't see that one, it got really bad reviews. What were you, an extra?

Brad Pitt: No, I was the lead. Did you see Ocean's 11?

B1: Maybe... wait! That's the one with the old guy, the one the girls think is cute...

Brad Pitt: George Clooney?

B1: Yeah! I saw that one, he really carried that movie along. It would have been horrible without him. So, do you have a girlfriend?

Brad Pitt: Yeah, Angelina Jolie.

B1: Ehhh... Not recognizing the name....

Brad Pitt: She was in Tomb Raider.

B1: Oh yeah! She's so hot!! Jennifer Love Hewitt, right?

Brad Pitt: No... Angelina Jolie.

B1: No, no, that was definitely Jennifer Love Hewitt, she's a babe.


Commander Coriander said...

that would make up for one interesting reaction... seriously... I would love to do that those over paid, Egoistic bums... would it not be cooler to say Jennifer Aniston instead of Love Hewitt?

Betty. said...

Aww... he was doing good until Angelina Jolie. NO ONE bags on my woman. I mean, uh, my other woman.